Why he keeps forgetting the most basic things

Lately, Gavin’s memory has been getting significantly worse. It was little things at first, like losing his shoes. When we went to the grocery store, he could find the items that I had always been able to send him for, and everything was in the same exact place. 

We’ve moved to more serious things now. 

The other day, when the boys came back from their Grandparents, Gavin just stood outside the front door. We have keyless entry, and all he has to do is put the code in, and the door unlocks. 

I had to go open it for him because he forgot that he could let himself in. In fact, he didn’t even see the keyless entry. 

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When I asked him why he didn’t let himself in, he got really upset with himself because he forgot that we had keyless entry. He was staring right at it, and still forgot. 

I’m worried, but there isn’t anything we can do. This is part of the overarching effects that Childhood Disintegrative Disorder has. The only thing left to do is put more visual reminders up for him, and hope that helps.