That's a BIG if -

That’s a BIG if

The boys are having a pretty decent day today. Emmett seems to be feeling better but is as indecisive as ever. Gavin’s been chilling out in his room, maybe on a mission or just playing his tablet. 

Elliott’s been really quiet. He wants to do something, but everything he wants to do costs money we don’t have at the moment. 

I plan on taking them to the park, and if Emmett will wear socks, perhaps we can go hiking. That’s a big if. lol Even if we don’t go, I did thirty minutes on the treadmill, to ensure I got my walk in, so go me. ☺ 

Assuming Lizze is feeling better, perhaps she will join us. I meant to share this yesterday but was distracted.
Lizze has Ehlers Danlos, and because of that, her joints are extremely loose. In fact, many of her joints will pop out of the socket. Her hip popped out on Wednesday night, while she was sleeping. Walking hasn’t been much fun for her since then however, she’s doing a bit better today. 

Anyway, I hope we are all able to make it to the park as a family. After being separated for almost two years, I value family time more than ever. 

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