Hopefully I’ll end the day on a positive note

Hopefully I’ll end the day on a positive note

I’m hoping for a nice quiet afternoon/evening. I’ve got my walk in this morning, skipped my nap and got some work done. I had a job to finish up this afternoon, before I could submit my invoice. That’s always a good thing.. ☺

I spent some time cleaning up the site. You notice a revised logo in the header but the rest of the work was on the backend.

There are now almost 1,100 pages of posts and that requires maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Unfortunately, I have to do that on my own and means I have to teach myself a ton of server related things. The good news is, I’m learning and the even better news is that I’ve been able to fix everything I’ve broken. ☺

We have an appointment with Dr. Pattie for Gavin’s therapy this afternoon and nothing after that.

I do need to get some laundry and we have to spend a few hours with the ferrets cause they didn’t get to come out and play yesterday. The boys also have homework to work on as well.

God willing, everything will work out and allow me to finish the day on a positive note..

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