At least his arm isn’t broken

One of the joys of Autism Parenting is trying to figure out when something is wrong with your kid on the Spectrum. Communication issues abound and it can make things more challenging.

I had to take Emmett into urgent care for x-rays this evening.

About a week ago, Emmett fell at school and scraped his knees. We knew about that but he never told us he hurt his right arm as well. I only learned about his arm a couple of days ago.

Emmett has major Sensory Processing challenges and it impacts many areas of his life, his interpretation of pain happens to be one of them. He’s been in pain for over a week now but never told us or even showed any signs of being in pain.

When I found out his arm hurts, I looked at it from the perspective of a medic and while everything seemed in order, I knew that wasn’t necessarily the case. I figured we’d watch him for a day or so and see if it feels better on its own.

While at my sisters house the other night, I had her look at it as well. She has a PhD in physical therapy and she concurred with my approach of giving it a couple of days because everything seemed fine.

This evening however, he really began struggling and it was obvious that he was hurting.

Lizze and I decided to get him in and make sure everything was okay.

We arrived about 6:45 PM and waited until well after 9:00 PM to be seen. Once we got back, it was maybe twenty minutes before we were on our way home.

They decided to x-ray his arm, just to be sure there wasn’t a fracture because he’s been hurting for a bit over a week.

The x-ray came back clean and they said it’s probably a bruise. Motrin and ice for the next few days. If it still bothers him, we’ll follow up with Akron Children’s Hospital as instructed.

We were there forever and well past his bedtime. Emmett did really well and I’m both proud of him for being so patient but also grateful that his arm isn’t actually broken. ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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