Here’s how my morning has been

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The boys got off to school without any issues. We were a few minutes late but we made it. ☺

I opted to go walking on the way home. Zero percent of me wanted to do that but one hundred percent of me knew it was best that I did. It’s 24°F and that’s pretty fucking cold. It was snowing as well and that made it a bit more uncomfortable but I was able to get 3.1 miles done.

My intention was to return home, warm up and get something to eat but I knew that Gavin needed his blood work ASAP. I figured I was already in the car and we should just get it done now.

At the moment, I’m waiting on Gavin done so we can head back home. ☺

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  • Winter has started where you are. Rug up and stay warm.

  • Margo Taylor Margo Taylor says:

    its been wet raing here but going to get cold