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We have a full week to recover from Christmas before the boys will be returning to school for the last half of the school year. They will be visiting their mom on Wednesday for a little while and Emmett is going to be having a friend come over to hang out.

I’m actually really excited that Emmet is having a friend come over. I know that seems pretty mundane but for an Autism family, it’s pretty freaking awesome. Assuming it goes well, I’d to make this a regular thing.

As for the rest of the week, I don’t really have any plans. I think we’re going to stop by my parents house for a bit on New Years Eve and hang out. That’s sort of a tradition. It’s pretty low-key and I like low-key. Outside of that, Gavin needs his blood work done and I will have to go grocery shopping towards the end of the week.

My goal for this week to continue making progress on the house and secure some interviews for the podcast. I’d like to get a few in the tank prior to starting the new season. Episode one is done and it’s a good one. The artwork is finalized and Emmett and I are kicking around some ideas for a show that he and I can work on together. The other boys don’t really want anything to do with the podcast but Emmett is very much into it. We have a few ideas and I think it could be a really fun experience. I need to get a second microphone and figure a few things out but I’m excited about doing this with him.

The other thing I need to work on is planning for the Florida trip in February of 2020. I need to do some outreach to help with some of the logistics but this is something we are very much looking forward to.

The kids have asked to camp out in the living room again tonight and I’ll probably let them do just that. I like that they are spending time together and it’s a little bit of independence for them.

We’ve been through some dark days lately but I feel incredibly positive about 2020. I have a few really amazing things happening and I’m looking forward to seeing how I can improve our lives.

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