The stress is unbearable

We’re waist-deep in teenage and special needs growing pains. One of the more typical problems right now is that our house is way too small. No one besides Gavin really has their own space.

Lizze and I do okay, but Elliott and Emmett are very much struggling right now.

Elliott needs his space and Emmett isn’t adjusting to the change. Wars are waged on the daily, and it’s just getting worse. Their room is way too small for them, and the only actual personal space they have is their beds, and that’s only if the boundaries are respected.

Elliott and Emmett need their own space, and in our current situation, they just don’t have it.

Emmett needs the light on at night, and Elliott needs it off. Portable lighting doesn’t work because Emmett is sensitive to light and also terrified of the dark. He has to have the lights on during the day as well.

Elliott is the opposite and prefers it darker.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I have one simple solution for your sons differing sleep needs. It’s simple and cheap: a sleep mask. Okay, maybe there could be sensory issues but if you present it as a way to sleep in the dark, it might work. Plus the masks are usually soft and they can be adjusted for the wearer’s comfort.

My husband and I both wear sleep masks simply because we sleep a bit after the sun comes up. Amazon has ton of sleep masks. The one I’m using now was $9.99 and is made of silk, I believe. There’s a cut out for the nose. I actually wear mine with my CPAP mask and it’s just fine. It’s certainly worth experimenting with.

ALSO: if noise is an issue for anyone at night, ear plugs are available. I don’t like noise and use them.


I have to go along with Pony on this- why not move Elliott into the attic? The bathroom situation is a rough one. And do you not have a shower? I couldn’t deal with a bath only, especially when it comes to washing my hair.


Oh I wasn’t necessarily thinking a bedroom up there, but maybe just clean it up as a space where they could go get some alone time. Time to just chill. Put maybe some books and a beanbag up there or something. But with the problems you described perhaps not


I’d be really concerned about a leak anywhere in the house that can’t been fixed. I’ve also often wondered about mold you’ve mentioned being in your basement – terribly unhealthy IMO and possibly a cause of at least some of your wife’s issues, as well as the boys. Sure wish you guys could move!


If I remember correctly, isn’t there a pretty large attic space? And it was all drywalled and such. Wouldn’t it be possible to clean that up and use that as an additional space?