It’s worse than I thought :(

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I just heard back from my brother, as to the extent of things that need done on the car. Apparently, it needs front and back brakes, front/back rotors, bearings on both sides of the front end, both tie rods and there’s a fuel leak.

These repairs simply aren’t possible. I don’t know the total number but I wouldn’t be surprised if it climbed near or even over a thousand dollars.

At least I know I’m not getting ripped off because it’s my brother looking at everything.

All I can do at this point is make it drivable, safely drivable and pray we can make it until tax return. That’s the soonest I could pull this off. Until then, it’s one more thing I have to worry about and be powerless to resolve.

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I’ve said this a million times before. So often, the toughest part of raising 3 kids with Autism, isn’t Autism at all. It’s all of the everyday things that I can’t keep up with, because Autism requires so much of my time, energy and resources. This is a perfect example of the unexpected creating strain.

Hopefully, we make the car safe to drive for the next month or two. I’m praying that returns aren’t delayed this year as a result of this new tax laws that may or may not take affect.