As a single Dad, I find no shame in needing help

I meant to share this prior to now but with the boys being sick, it got pushed to the back burner. 

If you recall, I spoke about needing additional help with my depression and that finding a decent psychiatrist in my area is proving to be next to impossible. 


I spoke with my PCP on Thursday morning and she has added Abilify to my arsenal. 

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet for two reasons.  The first is that insurance requires a prior authorization and as this ran into the weekend, it didn’t get done yet. 

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The second reason, which is really irrelevant, is the fact that everyone was sick and I wasn’t going to start something new under those circumstances.

I don’t like starting a new medication period because there’s always an adjustment phase and as a single parent, that’s not always easy to work around. 

My goal is to follow up today at some point and figure out what’s going on. 

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With any luck, this will be just the boost I need to get myself out of this rutt and back on track. 

Sometimes I just need a little help to get moving again and I find no shame in admitting that. 

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