Making key changes to Elliott’s meds to improve his quality of life

Elliott’s appointment went pretty well.  I wanted to share a couple of important changes being made to his treatment.

Dr. Reynolds and I spoke about Elliott’s struggles at school since being put on Ritalin.


It seems that Ritalin isn’t going to work for Elliott, which frankly isn’t that surprising because his Mom didn’t do well on it either.

Initially, we are going back to Adderall because with it, he did really well at school and wasn’t having some of the problems he’s having now. 

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We go back in 2 weeks to take a look at the rest of his meds. Dr. Reynolds isn’t a fan of changing more than one thing at a time. 

That’s the best approach because this isn’t a sprint, it’s marathon. 

The change is pretty simple and doesn’t require anything but picking up his meds from the pharmacy.  That being said, I won’t be able to give him his meds until Wednesday at the earliest because it may take a day or so to get in. 
I’m hoping this makes a difference for him.  I don’t care how difficult my life is as a parent, my concern is improving his life. 

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