Major medication changes and the impact they have on my family

I’ve got a laundry list of medication related updates for you all tonight. We’re going to briefly talk about myself, Lizze and Gavin because we’ve all had very recent changes to medication.


It makes sense to begin with me, as I’m pretty straightforward.

As I mentioned just prior to my oral surgery a little over a week ago, I’ve decided that I need more help with my depression than I’m currently getting. This help comes in the form of additional medication. I’m not super excited about starting a new medication but I refuse to allow depression to control my life and influence my ability to be a good husband/father.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not saying that if you’re depressed, you can’t be a good parent, spouse or partner because that’s not true. What I’m talking about is the way depression is impacting me.

It doesn’t make me a bad husband or father, but it does chew up valuable resources that I need to be spending on my wife and kids.

Does that make sense?

About a week ago, I started a low dose of Prozac. It’s only 20mg/day but we’re starting low and if it needs to be bumped up in a couple of months, so be it. Truthfully, I’m already feeling better and while I know antidepressants typically take about 8 weeks to really do their job, I usually respond a good bit quicker.

Between finally conquering my fear of all thing dental, getting the surgery over with and starting the Prozac, I’m in a much better place right now.

With any luck, the Prozac will be just what I need to help tip the scales in my direction..

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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96% of all Rx sold in the USA are manufactured in China!

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Becky Wiren

I hear you about medication changes. Every time it happens it disrupts whoever has to change.