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The screaming started before 7 am today

We’re not off to a good start this morning. Emmett’s not in a good place and he’s freaking out because he doesn’t wear dress pants. He wears comfy pants because of numerous sensory issues and is afraid that he won’t match everyone else at the luncheon, after the funeral this afternoon. He’s screaming and it’s …

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This week has absolutely taken its toll

First things first. Calling hours were really nice, at least as far as calling hours go. Lizze’s family did a beautiful job and while it was sad, it was a positive experience, filled with a lifetime of memories. If I told you Lizze was okay, that wouldn’t be true, but in time she will be. …

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I’m so overwhelmed and this is just an emotional purge

Today is a total fucking mess. Lizze found something to wear but I needed to go find something at the store. I spent three hours trying to find a goddamn pair of pants and a shirt. I’ve lost 40 pounds but it’s still frustrating trying to find pants or clothes in general. I finally found …

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Dealing with the unplanned when you’re an #Autism parent

This week is just not going as planned. Truthfully, none of this was planned and how could it be? What I’m referring to is our plans to deal with the unplanned events of this week.. Our goal has been to get the kids back to school but they’re missing their second day today. No one …

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I’m hoping to get everyone through the next couple of emotionally heavy days

We’re trying to do right by them but at the same time, give them a chance to be a part of the process.

It’s been an emotionally charged day and that’s not good for kids with #Autism

Coping with a sudden death in the family can be very challenging for #Autism families.

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