Emmett will take on a pretty major change today

We have a sorta major schedule change for Mr. Emmett today. We’ve switched over to the school schedule for his physical therapy today. Normally he goes to therapy on Wednesdays at 1pm but with school coming soon, we needed to make the switch to a more sustainable school schedule. 

Therapy will be on Tuesday afternoons now and he’ll have to be pulled from school early, once it starts.

That being said, it will be at the end of the day and shouldn’t disrupt anything significant. The school is amazing at working with me so I know everything will work out. 

The only fly in the ointment, so to speak, is the physical change from one day and time to another. Kids with Autism tend to dislike change and Emmett is not the exception to that rule. 

Generally speaking, he does do pretty well with things like this, so I hope it’s a smooth transition.. 😀


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