Why I’m so happy to say that my kids had a good visit with their Mom  :)

Why I’m so happy to say that my kids had a good visit with their Mom  :)

All too often when a marriage fails and kids are involved, things can get pretty ugly. You see it on the news with celebrities all the time. The normal, everyday people are no different. They just don’t make the news.

When my wife left last year, it was unexpected and I was devastated. 

While there are justifiable reasons for me to be angry, resentful and betrayed, especially considering that I’m now raising our three kids with special needs by myself, I’m not.

You hear all the time how people end up using their kids as weapons to get at each other. You hear about parents talking bad about their former partner in front of the children. These things are horrible but they happen all too often.

That being said, when it comes to my kids, that’s simply not acceptable. 

I made the decision very early on that no matter what happened between my wife and I, she will always be their Mother and therefore command my respect. 


It’s very important to me that my kids have a healthy relationship with their Mom. It doesnt matter how hurt or betrayed I was, because there are much bigger things at stake and their names are Gavin, Elliott and Emmett. 

It’s for this reason that I’m so excited to share that their Wednesday night dinner with their Mom went well. I’m legitimately happy about this.

If you’ve been following our story, you know that the visits haven’t been going well over the last year and it breaks my heart every time. I’m so happy when a visit goes really well and the kids enjoyed themselves. It gives me hope for the future of their relationship with their Mom. 😀

Please, if you are unfortunate enough to experience the end of a relationship with the other parent of your child or children, remember that it needs to be about the kids and not about your hurt feelings. 

Never use your kids as a means of getting back at your ex. 

The kids are all that matter and they will need both of you working together, to help them through life. This of course assumes that there aren’t safety concerns with one of the parents because safety comes first. 

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