It’s been a multiple meltdown Monday

Deep breath… Count to 10….  Get your butt in timeout….

Those are the things I kept telling myself today as I tried my best to help the kids make it through what turned out to be a very, very challenging day. 

Elliott has had no less than 6 meltdowns today. Emmett put his name on the ballot with a few meltdowns himself as well. The most concerning for me personally though was Gavin. 


For the sake of keeping this post brief, I’ll just say that Gavin’s spent a large part of today being very frustrated with himself. 

He’s right on the edge of having a full blown stomping, kicking, screaming and self injurious meltdown. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him like this and I’m not sure what’s going on with him.

I did manage to keep my cool and spent a large part of my day, bouncing between Emmett and Elliott, trying to help calm them down. 

It’s barely 6pm and I’m completely shot…. 😴

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