The Weird Shit I Catch My Kids Doing: 40ft rubber band 

I’ve been chatting with some of my readers and they really liked this particular topic. 

Sometimes you just have to find the humor in a situation or else you will lose your mind. That’s the whole point of Weird Shit Wednesday or #wsw. 

Here’s this Wednesday’s submission from me. 

The other day Emmett had secretly been working on a project in his room. When I was up stairs in the bathroom, he decided it was time to  unveil his secret creation. lol

My little mad scientist created a giant 40 ft rubber band rope out of teeny tiny rainbow loom rubber bands. 

It serves no purpose other than stretching from the front of the house to the back of the house. 

Emmett’s certainly proud of himself though. ❤️  

Please join me in sharing the weird shit your kids do. Upload your picture in the comments below or in the comments attached to this post on my fan page by clicking here

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  • Emma Southwell

    Well here you go #wsw

  • Michelle Storey

    Balancing the mustard on top of the ketchup and slowly turning it. I asked him “please put the ketchup and mustard on the table” while I was cooking, and came in to find this. Props for his mad balancing skills, though.

  • The Autism Dad

    Love it. ❤️

  • Emma Southwell

    not that weird really this one. Today like many days she has gone out wearing drawn on cat whiskers

  • Ann Chovie

    My 2 year old beautiful granddaughter still stims, stims and stims. Why do anything else? U0001f60a

  • Amie Michelle

    self inking stamp….I thought the 400 layers of ink on his skin was bad, then I noticed he stamped his damn tongue as well….rookie move, left the stamp within reach……

  • The Autism Dad

    OMG. Hahahahah
    Thanks for sharing.. You know, if we don’t laugh, we’ll go crazy. Lol

  • Amie Michelle

    absolutely!!!! his mouth may be blackish purple, but should he get lost, they will certainly know his name….500x over 😉

  • The Autism Dad


  • CathyWhite1

    Sounds like a future engineer to me. You should see what else he likes to build. The world needs a lot of engineers. BTW, I am on the and so is my “child”, who’s now 19, so I don’t have any weird for you but plenty of stories. ☺ If you are interested in them and new research on , they are on my blog at