It can be so exhausting to be patient with your special needs child :(

It’s heartbreaking but I have to reel in some of Gavin’s independence:(

Gavin’s current capacity is such that I have no choice but to start taking away some of the independence he has earned over the last year. 

I’ve said a few times recently that I’m seeing regression once again. 

This is kind of the status quo for Gavin. He will do really well and then begin to regress again. Clearly this is an ongoing issue. 

For most of the last year, I’ve had Gavin responsible for his medications, for the most part anyway. He would take them when it was time and most often remembered to do so on his own. 

Last night he informed me that he had not taken his inhaler while at his Mom’s house because things were just to crazy that morning. 

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The reality was that nothing was crazy, he had just forgotten to take it and rather than just say that, it became some elaborate excuse. Look, if he forgets, it’s not really a big deal but lying about it isn’t good. 

This morning, I had filled his pill dispenser for him and as soon as he touched it, he dumped it all over the floor. 

It wasn’t done on purpose but he’s now lacking the coordination to do such things on his own anymore. It’s frustrating for both he and I but he’s on some serious, hardcore medications that could make the dog/cats sick or worse. 

The other boys wouldn’t take the, if they found them on the floor. For one thing, generally speaking, they won’t eat off the floor but they also know not to ever take something that I haven’t given them. That being said, I don’t want to take any chances. 

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After we got all his meds recovered and put back, I cooled off for a bit and had a chat with Gavin. 

I told him that I know it was an accident but we can’t have accidents like this happening because it’s simply too dangerous. I apologized for getting upset and reminded him that I wasn’t really upset with him. I was just reacting the pills being all over the floor of three rooms. 

I’m not sure people understand just how exhausting it can be to simply maintain a level of patience with challenging kids. I’ll tell you what, I’m ready for bed after this little mini disaster. 😟

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