Today’s been pretty damn good

The boys and I are going to my parents for dinner tonight. It’s sort of a birthday thing for me. I’m actually pretty okay with that. 😀

I have a shit ton of things on my mind and I’m still stressed out but I’m in a really decent place today. I’m feeling like things are going to be okay, at least in the short term. 

The kids have been great and any of the problems that did arise, were easily dealt with. 

So yeah, my birthday hasn’t been the emotional black hole ai was afraid it was going to be. 😀


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  • EllenBeck

    Youre gonna be fine. Whats that famous saying? There is nothing to fear but fear itself… dont fear, celebrate the day

  • RaynetteJones

    it hasnt been a black whole because you are old now LOL… great news (hopefully) about my sick son is he was started on a new medicine to help his behcets which hasnt happened since five years ago when we realized he had it. It takes a while to work but praying hard. i really need it to work. I am going to have to go back and catch up on your post as i have been either working a lot or working overtime or taking sick son to dr. hope all is well