Special Needs Parenting is all consuming

As I’m laying in bed at night, sorta pondering the day I just finished up, I have these grandiose plans for the following day. All these things that I’m going to accomplish, like laundry, cleaning the bathroom or simply making the needed phone calls that are on my list of to-dos..

It seems so possible for those things to be tackled the following day and I feel a surge of motivation. 

When the following morning arrives, I usually haven’t slept well and I can’t for the life of me figure out where the previous nights motivation has run off to. 

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That pile of laundry that I was totally talking shit to the night before, is just way too intimidating now and that bathroom I swore to myself I would scrub in the morning, isn’t even on my radar anymore.

Some might say that it’s laziness or lack of discipline on my part but I think the truth isn’t quite so simple. 

I haven’t slept well and by well I mean through the night, in I can’t remember how long because one or more of my special needs kids isn’t sleeping through the night either.

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When I drag myself out of bed in the morning, I’m already exhausted and by the time I manage to get my three sensory sensitive kids to eat breakfast, I’m running on willpower alone. By the time I pass out meds and manage to get my youngest to at least wear pants, I’ve already forgotten what I had for breakfast. lol

If by some act of God, I even remember what I thought I was going to accomplish that day, I don’t have any idea what Imwas thinking.

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Special needs parenting is absolutely all consuming and there is no way you could possibly overstate that.