Challenging day but a better night

Challenging day but a better night

The boys and I had a rough afternoon. Well, the boys had a rough afternoon and I was driven completely bonkers. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to take 3 kids, 2 unwillingly, to the park because Daddy needed to get the crazy train back on the tracks. 

We did just that. 

The boys and I met my parents at the Garden Center and we walked around there before walking the track. 

Elliott had a rough time because he couldn’t do everything that he wanted to but we found a compromise and he found a bit of peace. 😊

I carried Emmett on my shoulders for a good while and when we made it back to the car, it was dark. 

The boys were in a better mood when we finished and my parents treated us to Dairy Queen before we returned home. 

For the most part, everyone went to bed without  a problem, except Emmett. 

Cleo needed the night off and so Emmett couldn’t sleep with her and so Emmett couldn’t sleep at all. Sigh.  😖


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