#Autism Parenting Woes: My mission to get the boys haircut failed miserably

Both Elliott and Emmett need to get their hair cut. I can trim them up a bit because it’s not too bad but they definitely need a haircut. 

Generally speaking, I’ve always had pretty good luck when it comes to getting their cooperation for things like this but the key is that they have to be willing participants. 


Everything about a haircut is unpleasant for a child with Autism and sensory issues. 

Their hair gets wet, they’re being touched by strangers, the scissors are scary and they have to sit still. Let’s not forget all the hair that falls into their face as its being cut. 

It’s truly a sensory nightmare.

Truthfully, I don’t always have the $32 to get their hair cut but when I do, I try to play it up and make it sound like the best time in the world. 

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Unfortunately for today’s mission, Emmett’s still in a mood and Elliott is obsessed with having his own kid. 

That all translates to not being in a good place to even attempt this kind of thing. 

Not being one to give up, I tried and tried but they just weren’t having it. 

I’m not sure that forcing them to endure what is probably torturous for them, is the right approach. I instead chose a strategic retreated and I will see if their Mom or Grandma will try again over the weekend. 

This is just one of the many everyday type things that most people wouldn’t even think of as being a problem. When kids with Autism are involved, you basically have to throw out the rulebook because it simply doesn’t apply…