Today will be crazy busy

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Today’s going to be a little more hectic than I had originally planned. 

After I get the boys off to school, I’m going to go walking. I wasn’t able to go yesterday and I really, really want to get back into that routine. 

Gavin will be going to spend the afternoon with my Mom while I run a few errands and get my iPad replaced at the Apple Store. 

The goal is to be back in time to pick the boys up early from school so we can make it to Emmett’s physical therapy appointment.  

Timing is really important today and as long as nothing catastrophic happens, everything should work out well. 

We will finish the day with Dr. Pattie where we will have a few things to deal with but that’s for another post. 

I’m feeling pretty optimistic about my chances of pulling everything off. 👍


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