My head is pounding but I made Gavin really really happy today -

My head is pounding but I made Gavin really really happy today

It’s been a really, really long day.  Gavin and I have been running errands since before lunch. 

This is the get caught up on all the things I couldn’t do during the year, time of year. Tax return has come in and I was finally able to replace Gavin’s tablet. 

He accidentally dropped it and shattered the screen almost a year ago. It wasn’t his fault but I couldn’t afford to replace it until now.

I’ve been wanting to that forever and he’s been so incredibly patient this entire time. 


We got that done and I picked up a cheap Chromebook to use while my laptop is gone.  When it comes back, this will go to Elliott and Emmett because most of their school stuff is done on Chromebooks.  This will be good for them to have access to at home. 

That’s really about all we did but it took forever because we had to figure out what we were going to get ans then go to Giant Eagle to buy gift cards. This got me more than a free tank of gas. 

It really worked out well. 

My head is pounding and I’ve barely eaten anything today but everyones home and it’s going to (hopefully) be a quiet night.. 

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