Just a quick update

I’m really trying to keep up with my writing but it’s not going so well. I’ve not been finding that motivation comes easy right now. 

It’s probably a lot to do with and maybe a little bit of feeling overwhelmed by life lately. 

The reason writing is so important for me is because it helps me process my life and sorta maintain perspective. 

Anymore, the idea of plunking down and feelings just seems too hard. 

I’m going to be really trying to get caught up on my writing because there’s so much I have to say and it’s just building up. 

Here’s to the free flow of my thoughts going forward.  😀

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  • Carol McLeod Sanders

    I love your writing and I share ALL your posts!! You sound like you write like you speak… so just imagine all of us, your followers, eagerly awaiting your posts. Each person reads it seperately, so just write like the person is sitting across from you, eagerly waiting until you share with us!! From central Alabama… good luck to you, Sir!

  • The Autism Dad

    That’s great advice. Thank you for your kind words U0001f60a

  • EllenBeck

    Sometimes you haave to take a break, this is one of those sometimes. Relax, get things together and you will come back better than ever.

  • Cm Rogers

    Sending hugs. Love to read what is going on in your world. All to often I can relate to what you have going on.