I'm trying to find my voice -

I’m trying to find my voice

I’ve been trying to find my voice, ever since my wife left last year. 

In many ways,  life has become much easier but at the same time, it’s more complicated than it used to be. 

I don’t share everything that’s going in inside my head like I used to because not everything is fit for public consumption anymore. 


There’s a large,  untalked about part of my life that impacts who I am and how I’m doing. I choose not to share because it’s best to keep the boys in the dark on this stuff and should they ever happen upon this blog before a certain age,  it would not be good for them.

Frankly, it’s really difficult to find my voice anymore.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say,  it’s just that I need to find the energy to put those thoughts down here. 

With this in mind,  I’m going to try a slightly different approach and maybe get back to my writing roots. 

I think that maybe I’m trying to wrote too much at one time. 

My goal is to write several times a day and do my best to keep them to maybe a one minute read.

In my view,  success isn’t always something that comes at the completion of a journey.  Sometimes success can be steps in the right direction.  ☺


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