People don’t understand how much the school day takes out of our kids with #Autism

I don’t think people in general understand just how much the day takes out of kids on the

The struggles these kids have during the day don’t always show up on the surface or manifest themselves in a visible way. 


What ends up happening is what happened today with Emmett. 

The moment we left the school building and he was buckled into the car, he immediately began to decompress.. I could see the cracks forming as he tried to talk about his day but just began to cry..

The crying intensified and before we were even home, it had evolved into a meltdown.  😦

He’s been on edge since he arrived home but he’s feeling better having purged himself in the car. 

This is just one of the reasons parents like myself, absolutely detest the idea of having these kids take schoolwork home with them.

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  • Jude Leobold

    Most people can’t.

  • Crystal Barnett

    I don’t think people can understand unless they have lived through it. Although I rarely get a break I’m so glad we homeschool now.

  • RachelHumphrey

    This is why thought I understand wanting to main stream them I think they are wrong for doing it.

  • Every child is different and mainstreaming works for some. It truly depends on the child. .

  • Bernadette Robinson

    My baby is on the spectrum and is in the regular classroom with an aide. Yes, he goes straight to bed