Tough decisions this morning but the boys did well

We’re off to a really good start today.  Emmett still didn’t want to go to but he didn’t press really hard to say home. 

Elliott was very cooperative as well.


I chose to not to give Emmett his meds this morning because I’m really concerned that he doesn’t eat lunch at school.  His particular is notorious for quashing ones appetite.

I’m not sure that it’s the right thing to do but he’s already not maintaining his weight and that is a pretty big concern. 

We’ll see what happens… He does compensate well at school.  Not giving him his pill for school tends to just make my life more difficult when he gets home. 

An instruction manual for life would really be nice sometimes. .

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  • Darcyd

    Meds only work when given consistently. My son eats when he wants & that’s usually at home. I wouldn’t make his teachers suffer thru the kids’ behavior because you didn’t give them their pills just because their not eating.

  • Normally you’re correct but meds are different. They only last a short time and only work when they given. Taking time off the meds is not a bad thing. They don’t have behavioral issues at and I’m just trying to figure out what actually works better for him. The meds help him hold it together at school but he also struggles when he doesn’t eat.
    I’m trying to figure out what works better for him