While visitation with their Mom is a positive thing, it also presents many challenges for me when they come home

Emmett’s having sort of a rough afternoon.  He’s very easily set off and his frustration threshold is so incredibly low, it’s almost nonexistent.

While I hate that my family has been fractured by my wife leaving and I hate that the boys only see her for less than two full days a month, I’m grateful they come home on a Saturday instead of Sunday.

When they come home, there is a very challenging period of transition for them.

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The way things have worked out, allows the boys Saturday night and all day Sunday to decompress and get back to their routine, before school starts on Monday.


Regardless of how well or badly a visit might go, the fallout is always there.

It’s not necessarily anyone doing anything wrong, it’s the nature of who the boys are and how they react to stressful situations. 

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You have to remember that stress is present in both the good times and the bad.  Any kind of change or deviation from the normal routine, will cause stress. 

As an example.

One of the worst times of the year for the boys is Christmas morning.  It’s a great day for them but it’s full of overstimulation and stress. 

My hope is that the boys are feeling better in the morning and that they get a good night’s sleep. 

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I’ll try to get them to be a little bit early so that they can get the sleep they need to ease into the coming week on the right foot… ☺