That was the most awful experience of my life

That was pretty much the most awful experience of my life and I’ve had my share of awful experiences. 

It’s really hard to see how easily one can wipe away a marriage.


What took 15 years worth of time, energy, unconditional love, devotion, blood,  sweat and tears, can be wiped from existence with half a dozen signatures….

Read This  It was a really rough visit for the boys and they came home early 

It’s heartbreaking and humiliating to stand at the bank, as a bank teller/notary public looks at our life on paper and notarizes the end of something that means/meant a great deal to me. 

We have to find out about the parenting class at this point but we can file the paperwork right away. 

I have a couple hours before the boys get home and I think I’m going to take that time to get my head together and pull myself out of this darker place I’ve found myself in today.


  1. Darcy Dallin

    My divorce was over in 2 months after 21 years together, we even had to take that parenting class before we could sign papers. 21 years of my life gone in 30 minutes. Struggling more now than while married.

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