Special Needs Parenting shouldn’t be a one parent job

One of the things that really frustrates me about being a single parent is having to make all these decisions on my own. 

Sure, for anything major I speak to their Mom but frankly it’s more ceremonial than anything else and it shouldnt be that way. 


When raising very complicated and challenging kids, you have to be in touch with their needs in order to make an informed or responsible decision.

Seeing the kids for 24 hours every 2 weeks and having little to no contact in between (aside from an every other Wednesday night dinner) doesn’t put one in a position to have any knowledge that’s beneficial to making most decisions.

I’m really stressed out because there are so many decisions that I have to make in regards to the boys. 

These decisions range from daily school challenges and medication changes to simply managing everyday behaviors like meltdowns.

Special needs parenting is not a one parent job but unfortunately for me it is.  There are many single special needs parents in the world that do this everyday also and knowing I’m not alone helps a great deal.

I certainly don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining.  All I’m want to do is provide you with some of my personal insights.

In many ways, this blog is like an internal dialogue with myself.

This is how I sometimes choose to work through a problem and cope with stress. 

I’m burnt out, tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed and trying to keep everyone above water, while still trying to be a bigger person.  I’m still trying to make everything work.

I need help and help can be very hard to come by anymore. 

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  1. Darcy Dallin

    Would lizzie like to be involved more to make some more important decisions or does she not care? Does lizzie care what meds the kids are on or if you make changes to the meds? Maybe you could consult more with lizzie, if she cares it my take some stress off your shoulders…

    1. You’ll have to trust me when I say that none of this is my choice. Saying that she doesn’t care isn’t exactly fair. I’ve no doubt she loves the boys. It’s more of a capacity issue.

      I wish things were different and perhaps someday they will be. I’m not holding my breath but anythings possible

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