Both the boys are sick and I’m not too far behind

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Both boys are sick and sleeping, at least currently. 

Elliott needs to sleep sitting up because he’s so congested.  He’s on the love seat because that makes it comfortable. 

Emmett has decided that he wanted to sleep upstairs tonight, which makes things a bit difficult.

I’m okay with the boys sleeping upstairs on their own but I don’t like them on the first floor by themselves.  If Elliott needs to sleep on the love seat, I will need to sleep on the couch. 

Emmett will wake up and move downstairs anyway.

Depending on how Elliott’s doing in the morning, he may need to be seen by the doctor.  I have to make sure that whatever he has doesn’t move into his chest.  You know.. The asthma.

Gavin says he’s feeling fine but I’m not sure he could tell the difference.  He’s sounding congested as well. 

I’m tired but I can’t sleep.  The fucking story of my life. Elliott’s making me a little nervous and I feel better if I watch him, so I guess it works out for the best. 

On a positive note, Lizze and her Mom brought the boys dinner tonight because they were to sick to go… ☺

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