Is my nightstand worse than yours?

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This is just for fun because I can’t sleep and this is relatively mindless. 

I took a picture of my nightstand. 

It’s embarrassingly out of control and it got me wondering, what does your nightstand look like? Is it cluttered like mine or super organized like mine should be?


My out of control nightstand has a collection of 8 partially drank from water bottles.  I always forget that they’re there and bring a new one to bed at night.

I’ve got a Signs thing going on here..

In my defense, some of the belong to Emmett as well.  😜

There’s also a white Note 5, an old Jambox bluetooth speaker, a desktop USB multiport charging station, two fast charge wireless charging pads (review items), the satellite remote, two Personal Pedi thingies, my electric razor, a AA battery charger, a bottle of lotion and a small lamp. 

That’s a ton of shit.. 

The charging stuff are all review items I was sent and I charge my phone with them.

As for the rest of it, I have no excuse.  lol

Is my nightstand worse than yours?

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