If a pill could cure or manage Autism related symptoms, would you take it yourself or give it to your child?

There was a really interesting article about how science has, for the very first time, discovered autistic behaviors are connected to a certain chemical in the brain. 

The article is found here.

This raises a very serious and likely equally controversial question.

If Autism is in fact tied to a chemical in the brain, there’s potential to correct that problem with medication. 


Would Autism become something akin to depression? You take a pill everyday to manage the symptoms of depression..

That being said, the question of the hour is this.  If a pill could cure or manage Autism related symptoms, would you take it yourself or give it to your child?

There is a virtual minefield of ethical and moral questions but putting those aside, if you can, what would you do and why?

Please understand that I’m not suggesting we should or shouldn’t do this.  Everyone will have a different opinion, based on their personal experience but the question remains…..

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  1. I would give anything to make my kids “better”, but these man made drugs sometimes make things worse with side effects & there is yet to find the ‘one pill fits all’. I’m also sure there’s a lot of parents out there that will say my kid is just perfect the way they are & that may be true, but if a ‘magic pill’ would make life easier for my kids & me, than I would give it to them. Although I can’t wait until my kids are 18 & can go the more ‘natural’ route if it becomes legal in all states & the list of symptoms, conditions, disorders, diseases are opened to everything. We won’t know unless there are ‘test subjects’ out there.

  2. i did. and chose to offer testimony regarding the change in his behavior to a medical panel who later added autism to the list of qualifying conditions the natural route could be recommended for. it helps his and my symptoms

  3. I have no idea whether I’d choose to “cure” my autism or not. I sort of see it as part of what makes me, me. Certainly I did choose to “cure” my bipolar disorder (more or less) with medication because it caused so much misery. Certainly autism causes me misery. But somehow it feels like something different than the bipolar disorder does.

    On a related note: in the two-year-slog that is my disability application, Social Security sent me to see a doctor who was a DERMATOLOGIST of all things, and he DID NOT KNOW WHAT AUTISM WAS and he ASKED IF I COULD TAKE MEDICATION TO CURE IT. I was absolutely baffled. I mean, yes, this wasn’t his specialty, but isn’t autism pretty much a household word now?

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