Awesome is the news I have to share tonight

I’m already up way too late but I wanted to sign off for a few hours with some good news.  This will be short and sweet because again, I’m up way too late.  😜

I’m so grateful for my family.  Sometimes I forget just how infinitely lucky I am but today was one of those days that helped jog my memory. 


My parents came over this morning because we were going to dig into the electrical issues that have left 3/4 of the house without power. 

A very good friend of the family, who is an expert in all things electrical, came over a bit later to take a look and see what was going on. 

We spent all morning trying to isolate the issue.  Turns out it’s an open neutral wire that we’ve sorta narrowed down to the attic. The actual repair will take some work because we don’t know for sure where the break is and with knob and tube wiring, there’s no rhyme or reason to what is run where. 

We ended up not being able to fix it….yet.

That being said, we were able to identify the actual issue and determine that we were safe to turn the breaker back on and restore power to the rest of the house. 

If the issue had to do with the hot wire, it would have been a different situation and I don’t know where I’d be right now. 

We did pull both outlets, cap the wires and tuck them inside the wall.  I put blank plates where the outlets used to be and we’ve moved forward with life once again.  ☺

We checked every outlet and everything else was safe and working properly. 

While there’s only one active outlet in each of the boys rooms for now, it’s safe and we can easily work around that. 

This isn’t a finished project.  It’s more of a to be continued because we’re gonna have to gut the attic and cut into the floor to try and locate the junction box that we believe houses the problem. 

For right now though, I’m just happy to have the power back and know that everything is safe.  ☺

While we were working on this, my Mom was helping to get the house caught up and it looks amazing. 

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for all the help yesterday.  Everyone took the time out of their day to help with something that basically had us at a stand still.

Thank You so much for everything…  ☺

My Dad and Mr. S

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