I’m making things happen today come Hell or high water

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I went to bed around midnight and by 2am, Emmett was once again awake and unable to fall back asleep. 

Unfortunately, Emmett being awake led to Elliott being awake and neither were able to get back to sleep. 

Even more unfortunately, that meant that I couldn’t get back to sleep either..  😯


The boys never went back to bed and I came really close to keeping them home because sending them to school after that little sleep is asking for trouble. 

At the last minute however, I decided that I would ask for trouble and off to school they went. 

I talked to the school and told them to call me if there were any problems. 

If I had kept them home, that would have caused much of the rest of the day to be rescheduled and I couldn’t let that happen again.

At this point, everything is going as originally planned and come Hell or high water, today’s  going to happen. 

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