I feel like I’m grappling with depression for control over my life

There was a ton of things going on today but the one thing that impacted me personally, had nothing to do with the kids.

Today was the first day of my new antidepressant and as weird as it may sound, I was really looking forward to getting started. 


I’m a very self-aware and so I’m painfully aware that I’m struggling with my depression.

This morning when I took my meds, I added a new pill. Wellbutrin has been added to my existing antidepressant, in hopes of helping me to better manage. 

While it’s way too soon to know if it’s going to work, I do welcome one of the side effects though.  I had a boost of energy today and my doctor warned me not to take it at night because I would likely have a hard time falling asleep.

I don’t know how this will play out in the long run but just taking the first step has a profound psychological impact. 

I feel like I’m grappling with depression for control over my life.  Taking this step has given me a sense of power over the direction my life will be going and goes a long way towards putting depression back in its place. 

We’ll see how things go but I feel very positive at this point.  ☺

Let’s try and get #talkaboutdepression trending.  It’s so important to talk about depression because so many people suffer in silence, shame, fear or some combination of the three.

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  1. Maybe I should add that to my med regime. I tried increasing my current anti depressant but became to anxious. I need the energy, not the aniexty. (I know each person is different, it may work for you but not me).

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