Elliott kicked butt on his homework last night

By the time Elliott had a chance to do his homework last night, it was close to bedtime.  We just had too many placed to be prior to that. 

I told Elliott that he needed to do his 9 minutes and he did so without issue. In fact, he continued to work on his homework, long after the timer went off. 


This morning I walked the boys in to the school and made a big deal about how awesome Elliott did last night.  She praised him like crazy and one of his friends gave him a high five. 

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Elliott had a big smile on his face..  What an awesome way to start the day.  ☺

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  1. tannawings

    Good going Elliot!
    You know, he may realize you meant business, especially since you went in with Dr Pattie. He knows this is non negotiable and may have decided (or sensed rather) this is not something he wants to battle with or control at least last night . Wiping the slate was a very good thing, the pressure is off he is back on track. As his homework time increases, he may not even realize it since he kept working on it on his own time. You might not even have anymore issues with it (fingers crossed) Glad to hear he did alright, and did his job without you standing over him.
    He is a smart kid, a good kid and its nice to hear too he left with a smile on his face.
    Just try and get that homework done sooner than before bedtime as he will try and manipulate and control that one – if he can get away with it. I know you have a lot to do, and a lot to content with but thats his next trick (he is smart!)

    1. He’s been feeling like he was stupid. He’s said a few times that he used to be so smart and now he can’t even concentrate.

      When I told him that he was actually learning at almost a grade and a half ahead. He was surprised. I’m wondering if this Gabe his self-esteem a boost…

      Either way, I’ll take the results….

      1. tannawings

        I am sorry to hear Elliot is feeling that bad about himself… maybe the concentration issues were the med change which would affect anyone. I am hoping to hear he is doing better since he will adjust soon.
        It’s hard, so hard when you see them upset especially one so sweet as Elliot.

  2. Jimmy Rock

    Good to see the plan get off to such a positive start. I’m sure there will be setbacks but it’s a lot easier on you (and him) with a specific plan in place where everyone knows what the expectations are. It just becomes part of the routine and it just is what it is.

    Homework is a struggle in my house, too. It takes a lot of different strategies (breaks, timers, incentives, etc.) to get through it. It’s a work in progress, but at least, there is, in fact, progress. I’m very glad we didn’t take the school district’s suggestion of eliminating homework, when we first mentioned at an IEP meeting that it was a challenge. In a large majority of cases that’s not the best approach.

    I also know what it’s like to have a kid say things like “I’m so stupid” during homework struggles that are no fault of their own and despite superior academic performance and intelligence.

    Keep plugging away Rob.

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