Do you know how exhausting the constant repetitive questions are?

I love all my kids.  I would die for any one of them without a thought.  That being said, no matter how much I love them, that love doesn’t stop them from driving me crazy.

Gavin is in a place where he’s talking nonstop lately. 


That’s not a surprise because Gavin’s prone to incessant talking but sometimes it just feels worse. 

He talks constantly talking or trying to talk to me about these he’s playing on his laptop.

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It doesn’t matter what I happen to be doing.  He’ll just start talking to me and just not stopping.  It really breaks me down after a while. 

My brain automatically trys to sorta tune him out but Gavin’s very persistent..  O_o

Today’s been exhausting and to be completely honest, if I hear another sentence with the words forges of empires in it, I’m gonna scream….

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