Do you know how exhausting the constant repetitive questions are?

I love all my kids.  I would die for any one of them without a thought.  That being said, no matter how much I love them, that love doesn’t stop them from driving me crazy.

Gavin is in a place where he’s talking nonstop lately. 


That’s not a surprise because Gavin’s prone to incessant talking but sometimes it just feels worse. 

He talks constantly talking or trying to talk to me about these he’s playing on his laptop.

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It doesn’t matter what I happen to be doing.  He’ll just start talking to me and just not stopping.  It really breaks me down after a while. 

My brain automatically trys to sorta tune him out but Gavin’s very persistent..  O_o

Today’s been exhausting and to be completely honest, if I hear another sentence with the words forges of empires in it, I’m gonna scream….

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  1. Darcy Dallin

    Yes, I agree with Kim. I do believe Gavin needs to get out more & hang out with kids his age that may play the same video games, etc, so he has someone else to talk to. Gavin is bored & you’re the only one he has to talk to. 🙂

  2. tannawings

    Some people just talk alot, and youre the person there so youre it. He needs other people to interact with. He has been doing so well, if you have time take him somewhere there are other people he can jabber at. Also, some like to hear themselves talk and others feel strange when there isnt a flow of words or silence. Granted he is a talker, but it sounds pretty normal to me, he just wants some interaction. Cabin fever.

    1. This goes way beyond normal and has nothing to do with social interactions. He’s probably a but manic and if you’ve never had a manic child, it’s something that goes well beyond the normal.

      The other thing is that this is a pretty common ASD thing as well.

      Gavin’s always been like this and it gets worse when he’s manic. Most of the time I can ignore this but sometimes it gets to be a lot..

  3. mindfulmom

    It is one thing to be the recipient of a teenage esoteric diatribe (usually regarding a video game etc). It is another to be, figuratively pinned to the wall by someone’s pressured speech and persevarting, racing thoughts. As a clinician, I have seen both and to be fair once experienced you don’t ever confuse them. Manic speech is also really hard to explain unless you have experienced it.

    1. Thank you. That was so well put. I’ve joked before that I could send Gavin to Guantanamo Bay and put him in a room with even the toughest terrorist. He could break anyone by just talking nonstop. Lol

      It really is like being pinned down and it’s so much different than just being chatty.

      Thanks again…

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