Special Needs Parenting is hard enough without this bullsh!t

I’m venting here because I’m really frustrated and as of right now, all I can do is hurry up and wait.

The boy’s long time psychiatrist’s office is having trouble doing what they say they’re going to do. 

Both Elliott and Emmett are in need of refills on their ADHD meds.  Elliott was just there on Monday evening and I was told the refills would be faxed in first thing Tuesday morning. 


Well it’s now Friday and it still hasn’t happened yet.  I also didn’t receive the promised phone call that would give me the appointment date for his followup that’s supposed to take place in just over a week at this point. 

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Emmett needs refills and well and it hasn’t happened. 

In regards to all three boys, I was told I would get a phone call to schedule their next appointment and that phone call never came. 

All I can do is leave messages because no one ever picks up the goddamn phone.  I tried 3 times again this morning and was disconnected twice, while leaving a message. 

Before anyone decides to be critical of me for not staying on top of this better, you’re right, I should have. 

Here’s the thing.  My life is basically lived minute to minute and I’m constantly having to prioritize and repriortize everything going on around me.

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Things fall by the wayside as a matter of survival, not choice.

I have to be able to rely on the professionals in our life to follow through with what they have committed to doing. 

What ends up happening is that I’m waiting for a phone call, while dealing with whatever today’s crisis is or putting out whatever fires keep popping up. 

Pretty soon, it gets lost in the shuffle. 

Again, ideally I would keep on top of them but ideally, I shouldn’t have to. 

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Anyway, after the 2nd interrupted attempt at leaving a message, I called back again and was able to leave a rather aggressive but tactful message. 

Now I just have to hurry up and wait. 

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