I miss my kids a whole bunch tonight :(

I need to get a life.  I know I have one and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world but on the days the kids are gone, it’d be nice to have someone special to spend that time with..

Anyway, the boys seem to be doing okay at their Mom’s and that’s good.  It means that no one is likely to come home tonight.


I hung out with my tonight and that was  pretty cool.  I really enjoy spending time with my parents.  I appreciate them now more than ever. 

The house is really quiet, except for the sound of the wrestling..  My God, they’ve been at for over an hour.  They just chase each other and play fight.. lol

Anyway, I already miss the kids.  I know that may seem weird since I also desperately need the break…..but I do…. 😕

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Kim Gebhardt

Regarding having someone special, have you put yourself out there? Are there any single moms at the school? I feel like a mom would be good for you because they’re more likely to have sympathy for your situation with the kids and the challenges they sometimes present than a childless woman would.