Divorce: Valentine's Day is still a hurdle I need to overcome -

Divorce: Valentine’s Day is still a hurdle I need to overcome

It’s been a really long day for a number of reasons.  For starters, it’s the third day of a four day weekend and I probably don’t need to elaborate any further. 

The other part is that it’s Valentine’s Day.

I know I shouldn’t be bothered by that but it’s a big reminder that I’m alone. I mean, it’s kinda hard to avoid that when Valentine’s Day is crammed down our throats. It’s one of the last major hurdles that I have yet to overcome on this new journey. 

Having said that, the boy’s Mom called them today to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.  That was pretty nice and everyone was actually willing to speak with her on the phone, we’ll mostly anyways. 


Elliott is still resistant but he did talk to her briefly. 

They hardly ever get phones calls from her, so I’m never sure how it’s going to go.  Tonight went pretty good and I think that’s awesome.  I’m always happy to any type of progress, especially when the kids benefit from it. 😀

When she does call, it still somehow feels like she’s out of town for a few days or something. Usually the kids want to talk on speaker phone and so I end up being part of the conversation and it brings back so many memories.. Memories that I thought I was over. Maybe that’s not a bad thing either.  Perhaps having good memories is part of the healing process…. ☺

Either way, it was a really long day and I’m glad it’s behind me at this point. 

I’m about to enter into the fourth and final day of our four day weekend and I’m hoping that everything will be nice and smooth today.

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