I’ve now received 3 aromatherapy diffusers for review and I’m really excited

I’ve received 3 different essential oils diffusers to review over the last few days.  I’m pretty excited because not only do the make the house smell good, they seem to aorta lighten the mood as well. 

I will check with the vet in the morning and see if there’s any safety concerns with the pets but from what I’ve read should be okay because I’m not running it into their skin. 


Anyway, I have one in my room, one downstairs and one in the bathroom. 

I’m going to put one in the boys bedroom tonight but Gavin will have to wait until the USB unit arrives because he has no one  outlets and he doesn’t like deviating from his charging routine. 

Read This  My kids can really frustrate me on mornings like we had today

I also got oils that are supposed to help with sleep but it’s not lavender, at least I don’t think it is. 

I’m absolutely digging this stuff and as long as Emmett’s stupid cat doesn’t chew up the white power cords, we’re in business. 

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