Special Needs Parenting: How Much School Does Your Child Miss Each Year?

There was a question brought up by one of my readers and it got me thinking.  How much school do Special needs kids miss on average each year and is that number higher or lower than their typical peers?

My kids have missed between 7 and 10 days, so far this year.  They were sick for a week before Thanksgiving, so that accounts for most of it.  That being said, I would think that the likelihood of a child with special needs, being absent for any number of reasons, would be potentially higher than that of their typical peers. 

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While a certain number of days may be frowned upon for the average student, do the same rules apply to a child with Autism, fragile health or some other cognitive or physical disorder?

Does a child’s IEP or 504 make a difference?

Thruthfuly, I guess I’d never really thought of that before and wanted to get your thoughts on the subject…

Please share your experience, thoughts and opinions in the comments below.  ☺

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One Comment

  1. Carl Bainbridge

    honestly in our case our son, while on the more extreme end of the scale really does not miss a whole lot of time.

    I have seen though that a lot of kids on the Asperger’s portion of the spectrum do tend to miss significantly more amounts of time. (at least the ones I know)

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