Sleep is something very difficult for me to get enough of, how about you?

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Autism is tough enough for most families to cope with on any given day.  That’s not meant to be a negative comment about our kids on the Autism Spectrum, it’s simply speaking to the reality of the situation…

I love my kids unconditionally but at the same time, the behaviors that can accompany Autism are often quite difficult to manage. 

Speaking for myself, the constant sleep interruptions are what leave me completely exhausted.  While I’m speaking for myself, I know that I’m also speaking to a very common Autism Parenting issue. 


Kids on the Autism Spectrum can have a very difficult time sleeping. That’s one reason why Melatonin has become an Autism Parent’s best friend.  While Melatonin can help a child fall asleep, it doesn’t do much to keep them asleep throughout the night.

There are tons of other difficulties but when a parent doesn’t or can’t get enough sleep, everything can become much more difficult.

This is why I rarely have plans whenever my kids go to see their Mother.  The moment I become childless, my body just wants to shutdown and sleep.  I go for so long without a good night’s sleep, that I can easily spend the majority of the 24 hours the boys are gone, sleeping. 

Every parent can have a different experience because every child on the Autism Spectrum is unique. 

Sleep is something that I really struggle with.. What’s something that you struggle with as an Autism parent??

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