Kinda bummed tonight :'(

Elliott and I were digging through some boxes in my office today, looking for things for the ferrets to play with.  I know that sounds weird but the ferrets like to steal little things and hide them from each other..  We were looking for small items that were safe for them to play with.

While we were digging through one of the boxes, I stumbled across something I thought I had packed away, so this exact thing wouldn’t happen. 

I ended up finding a picture from my wedding day…  Life was so much different then and I wasn’t prepared to see that again.

I don’t know how it got there because it shouldn’t have been in any of these boxes. Elliott didn’t see it or my sorta involuntary reaction, so at least there’s that.  Truthfully, I’m actually handling it better than I thought I would. 

Life is full of little surprises like this and I have to be able to weather these little storms. 

To be honest, I’m sorta bummed out because it brought back memories that I don’t want to remember but I suppose being bummed is better than being devastated.. Progress is progress….. ☺


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