I made progress yesterday and I feel pretty good about that

I was kinda bummed after stumbling across a picture that made me remember things that I’m trying to forget.  It was tough for me to shake it because even though I work really hard to walk away from what was and move towards what will be, truthfully, there’s still wounds that need to heal…

After the boys went to bed, I spent a lot of time thinking about everything and I came to what I feel is an important conclusion. 

I’m going to turn my focus from the things that make me sad and instead aim it towards the things that show I’m moving forward with my life. I think that’s more positive and I need that kind of positive in my life right now.

With that in mind, Sunday was actually pretty awesome. 


I mentioned the other night that I need to start getting back on track, in regards to making myself a priority.  That means I need to make the time to walk, workout and in general, better myself. I deserve it and my kids deserve it. 

On Sunday, I got the boys out of the house and we spent some time in the sun, walking the track and enjoying nature. This helped me smash through my step and activity goals for that day.  That feels pretty darn good.  ☺

I made better choices when it came to food and that’s not something that always comes easy, especially when I’m struggling with things emotionally. 

I even folded a couple loads of laundry and gutted the upstairs hallway..  ☺

That may not seem like much but for someone who’s burnt the fuck out, struggling with depression and trying to keep 3 kids with Autism and various health issues afloat, all by his lonesome, that’s pretty fucking good.. ☺

Shifting my focus away from who and what I’ve lost and instead, directing it towards the things that are actually moving me forward, is a totally positive move. 

Baby steps are what I’m able to do right now and I’m okay with that because even baby steps are forward movement.

My goal is to carry this positive attitude into today and with any luck, I’ll succeed in having more positive things to focus on once again. 

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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