I'm absolutely dreading what I'm about to do..... -

I’m absolutely dreading what I’m about to do…..

There are few things in life that I detest more than shoe shopping for my kids with Autism.  It’s not that I don’t like buying them shoes, spending time with them or taking them out in public because that’s not the what I struggle with. 

The problem is that trying to find sensory friendly shoes for kids in the Autism Spectrum can be extremely challenging. 

Emmett asked me last night if we could get him new shoes today after therapy and I said yes.  I tried taking him for shoes a few weeks ago when I got Elliott new shoes but Emmett became way too frustrated because he couldn’t find anything that didn’t feel funny.

I don’t relish the idea of going through that again, especially since we’re on a tight time frame and I’m squeezing this into the schedule at the last minute. 

The last thing Emmett needs is to feel rushed because that will just add to the anxiety. 

I’m going to prepare him ahead of time by reminding him that we don’t have a great deal of time and that if we can’t find them today, we can go again tomorrow.  I’m not sure how that will go over but I will say that the last time, Emmett’s the one who pulled the plug because he was getting frustrated and that’s actually pretty amazing. 

Hopefully, this will go smoothly and without either of us having to endure anymore than what is needed to accomplish this goal. 

How do your kids do with getting new shoes or trying on new clothes?


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