Here’s a couple of important updates and slight problems

I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you guys on a few things that have been going on in the background.

The first thing is that Elliott was denied a second time for disability.  The reasoning is sorta vague and I don’t know exactly what they mean.  The letter basically stated that after reviewing the records submitted, there is no indication that any of Elliott’s issues have a significant impact on his life.

That has me wondering what records they actually received.

At this point, I may let it go and just be grateful for the help I already receive.  I’ll talk it over with some folks involved this week and see what they think..  If it’s a matter of records not arriving, that’s not a good reason to quit.  Maybe I will speak with an attorney and see what they think.

While on the topic of SSI.

The same day that I received Elliott’s denial, I also received a second letter from SSI in regards to Emmett.  Apparently, when they made his first payment last year, they overpaid and now want the money back.

That’s a little frustrating because they came up with all the numbers and they sent the payments.  I’m not sure how that happened but it’s only $287. At the same time, it’s still $287 and that’s gonna sting a bit..

Before I move on this, I’ll call and inquire as to what happened.  I’d just like some clarification and to understand what happened and why.. I think that’s a reasonable approach.

There are a couple medication related updates I need to get out but that’s for a follow up posts, in a few hours…


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