KISS MY DAY GOODBYE: Fever strikes again

Emmett woke up with another goddamn fever this morning.  He seems fine aside from the fever so this is likely a fever flare.  Unfortunately, this changes my entire schedule for today. 


Emmett’s going to be resting all day today and hopefully, his fever will go away.  For now, we’re just hanging out on the couch…

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  • Becky Wiren

    Aw, poor kid. I get it. Between my health, Henry’s health, and even Bob’s health, we are constantly changing plans, changing appointments etc etc. Very lowering since when I was well, I was always on time AND never missed anything. If you are like us, you simply move your plans to the next day or next time you can accomplish them. People who don’t deal with the chronically ill have NO clue all of the massive frustration. Here’s hoping, praying that Emmett will get will SOON. <3