Don’t you love waking up to the kids fighting

I don’t feel like I slept well last night and it’s probably due to a reoccurring bad/sad dream I’ve been having.  Anyway, Elliott had a bad dream as well because I woke up to him snuggled next to me. 

The boys were up pretty early because they woke me up before 8am with their fighting. 

It’s all just stupid, pointless bickering and what probably amounts to normal sibling rivalry.  Either way, it’s really frustrating and I wish they would just sleep in on days they don’t actually go to school. 

For that matter, I’d be happy if they would just play quietly or watch TV until 8am.  They have the entire day with which to fight, why does it have to start so darn early?


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Kim Gebhardt

I’m curious, will they be spending more time at Lizze/her parents house this summer? With no homework, maybe they could do a weekly dinner night instead of every other week. It would give them more time with her and give you a break that you’re desperately going to need this summer since it will be 2 months of you all being trapped in the same house with no break from one another.

Rob Gorski

My guess is no…. The time they get is based around the Grandparents work schedules. Unless the work schedules change during the summer, I don’t see this happening, aside from maybe special occasions.

It sucks and I wish it were different but supervision is absolutely necessary.

I do think I’m in a better place this year, at least compared to last year and we are planning day trips.. I’m actually looking forward to the summer and I want to make the best of it..

Kim Gebhardt
That’s why I thought a weeknight dinner might work, since I know her parents have to be available. Day trips are good and will keep everyone from cabin fever. Do the boys have any friends that they can do things with? It would probably be good for them to have some friends of their own and do things independently once in a while. If that’s not possible, are you in contact with the parents of any of their school friends? Maybe they could do day trips with you or meet you at a playground or something. Not being shoved together… Read more »
Rob Gorski

I misread your comment. Weeknight dinner could be possible. As far as the rest go, I’ll have to see how things go.